There is a time for everything. The changing of the year marks with its rituals a new beginning. At that moment most of us think about the old and the new. How the old year has been and what we hope the new year will bring us. It is in these moments that we think about our hopes and dreams. It can bring joy and courage to our soul or it can bring sadness and disappointments. These emotions are completely normal and the question is: How will you proceed?

Let me carry you through the steps I’ve taken at the start of this year. In my agenda I wrote some reflections about 2017 that will guide me through 2018, based on these questions:
1. What is the lifetime goal that I want to accomplish?
2. Thinking about my lifetime goal, how do I feel about 2017?
3. How have I spent my time in 2017 and what has it brought me?
4. What grade would I give myself for 2017 based on my progress?
5. Thinking about previous answers, what advice can I give myself?
6. What were the lessons that 2017 has taught me?
7. How am I different looking at myself a year ago?
8. What am I grateful for looking at 2017?
9. Looking at my progress, what can I improve in 2018?
10. How am I going to put the improvement in action?

Thinking about these questions and writing down the answers, gave me my personal guide for 2018. A personal guide that will help me to live a purpose-driven life. I know what I want and I’m going for it. For me it’s to keep on building up Unibonz, while having a more balanced lifestyle. Meaning that 2017 was all about giving my all for work; what was needed and I absolutely don’t regret. It was also all about building relationships or making them stronger. And 2018 will still be all about that, but also about making sure that there is a time for me, myself and I. A moment in December when I just broke down, made it very clear for me that I need to have more of these me-times. I’ll tell you about it next time. What will be your focus this year?

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January 22th 2018
Gladys Brinckman-Reigina
Psychologist, Pedagogue & Family Therapist (in training)

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