Embrace your self-worth and create the life you wish to have!

LADIES & GENTS OF GOD IN CONTROL is a program created with the goal to transform your life. It will give you the tools you need to not only know, but believe and feel your self-worth and act according to it. Many of us know that we are worth it. But it feels like life is teaching us that we are not. 'Cause if we are, why did this and this person treat us so bad? 'Cause if we are, why do we treat ourselves so bad? 

This coaching program will open up ways for you to have the life that you wished to have. I created it, because I truly believe that I’m not the only one. I’m not the only one who knows the struggle to really know, believe and feel my self-worth and act like it. When I look at some of the ones around me and at some of my clients, I see that at the foundation of some issues lies a self-worth issue. It's so hard to admit it, but there is where healing start. Admit and work to change it. If I could have find a way out and be the person I am today, you can too! I'm nothing like the mess I used be.

If you want to know about this 5 steps program, fill in the form below. Let me know in which country you are living, send me your phone number, I'll contact you and we will work things out. Know that you can communicate with me in Dutch, English and Papiamentu.

Much love,
Gladys Brinckman-Reigina
- Broken but healed