You might be feeling insecure, unloved, unworthy, not enough! Your traumas and your recurring life patterns are keeping you hostage. I bet you’ve tried to find your way out. To love yourself more or believe more in yourself, like they say. Maybe you’ve read books about it or watched videos or listened to podcasts. But you feel like you are not going anywhere. Maybe you’ve tried to stop your self-sabotage behavior. Like stop self-medicating your pain and insecurities with substances, food and drinks or behavior. Maybe you tried to find a love partner that will make you feel worth it. But that person seems non-existing or you just can’t trust that they truly believe that you are important to them or that they value you. Maybe you've tried to do all the good stuff, so people and society can acknowledge you, but you are invisible to them. Maybe you’ve tried to go to church and be a good Christian, but you feel like a hypocrite and unloved and forgotten by God. Maybe you've tried to boost your mind with positivity, like positive quotes and affirmations... And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

Stop! Just stop trying to find your way on your own! You are not alone in this! There are many others that are dealing with the same. And I might be able to help. And, while I don't claim to know it all, I have helped (and am helping) several clients to truly reclaim their God-given self-worth in my practice as a therapist. They all follow similar steps in their journey and therapy with me together with the Lord. Yes, their faith, no matter how small or fragile, is what makes all the difference in therapy. I call them Ladies & Gents of God.

But I don’t only know this journey of reclaiming your God-given self-worth only through my clients. I know very well how it is to be where you are now and to walk this journey. I was there too. Check episode #39 of my podcast.: “Hey, my name is Gladys and this is my testimony”. Those days were rough. Surviving, trying, failing, drowning in pain and no matter what never giving up. If that's kinda how you feel right now, please allow me to be your guide and support you to get out of this. So that you stop feeling like you are the only one fighting or that you just can’t find the way out to truly feel loved and worthy. Let me support you in reclaiming your God-given worth!